About Us

The principal is Doctor Gavin Ballenden, a Consultant Occupational Physician and Specialist in Occupational Medicine who has been in medical practice for 40 years.

Dr Ballenden is trained in Permanent Impairment Assessment (PIA) and has completed training in AMA Guides Ed 4,5,6 and in GEPI (1st) and 2nd Ed QLD.

Under contract to Safe Work Australia, Dr Ballenden representing the Organisation 'APIAA' (Australasian Permanent Impairment  Assessors Association), together with others, was an author and Editor of the medical training programme for impairment assessors for the national "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment ". (GEPI 2nd Ed in QLD).

He faciltates training for the Regulator in PIA in QLD and elsewhere in Australia.

Occupational Physicians are specialists in the effects of ‘work’ (including the medical, physical, psychological, organisational and enironmental demands) on workers (individuals and groups) and the effect that worker’s medical, physical and psychological conditions, have on their ability to work safely and efficiently within the workplace environment.
This is a non affiliated private company offering a wide and in depth advisory and medico-legal service on many aspects of work related health status and requirements for safe work.
This service includes clinical assessments and reports, work site visits, report and file reviews.