We offer opinion that is 'evidence based' and 'evidence informed' having scientific and epidemiological support for that opinion, rather than experience alone, although we see this as a balanced opinion of both attributes.
Opinion is at a Specialist and Expert medical level.
  • “Fitness for duty” assessment –may follow illness, work injury, recreational accident, after diagnosis of a medical condition, or following surgery.
  • “Safety critical” worker medical assessments.
  • “Permanent impairment” assessment by trained assessors (PIA). 
  • Medical ‘retirement’ assessments.
  • Forensic file reviews.
  • Assessment of individuals for insurers, CTP, Self Insurers (ASIEQ), WorkCover QLD.
  • Mechanisms of causation.
  • The role of work in causation.
  • Whether a condition is ‘work relevant’ – caused by work, or ‘work related’ –symptomatic at work.
  • ‘Pre-existing’ versus ‘new’.
  • ‘Aggravation’ versus ‘exacerbation’.
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work advice, although we prefer the terms “Stay at Work” and “Recover at Work”, understanding the health benefits of work.
  • Workplace and worksite assessment.
  • Hazard assessment, risk evaluation, and medical risk management.
  • Appropriate treatment advice.
  • Drug and Alcohol advice, programmes and interpretation of results.
  • Advice on Biomedical, Biopsychosocial, and Psychosocial models of treatment.
  • Advice on Toxic and chemical exposures.